Friday, 7 June 2013

Transport Management System ( TMS ) Configuration In SAP Step By Step With Snap Shots

I have 3 systems Production(SLP) Quality(SLQ) & Development (SLD) step by step i will tell you how to configure TMS for them

 Step 1- assign transport domain here I am assigning SLP as transport domain Goto T-Code STMS

Step 2- you will get popup, enter details as shown in below image in both boxes domain is SLP and then press Save

Step 3- you will get below screen after saving then press System Overview

Step 4- Click on update configuration 

Step 5- Click on Distribute & activate configuration

Step 6- select first option &click on Green tick

Step 7- Now Go to anther system which is Quality (SLQ) and hit STMS in SLQ elow popup will come their

Step 8-Click on other configuration

Step 9- enter target host as oup domain controller which is SLP in my case

Step 10- Click on Save

Step 11- you will get below screen with below message

Step 12- Now again goto STMS of SLP which is our domain controller to approve newly added system (SLQ)

Step 13- Click on system overview

Step 14- you will find newly added system which is SLQ in my case

Step 14- Click on newly added system and press approve

Step 15- Click on YES

Step 17- Click on Green tick

Step 18- you will find same status for both

Step 19- you will find same status for both means system is added successfully to transport domain

Repeat Step 7 to Step 18 to add third system which is SLD in my case

you will find below 3 system in System overview of SLP (Transport Domain ) after adding 3rd system (SLD)

Creating Transport Routes For TMS

Step 20- in transport domain controller  (SLP) Click on Transport Routes

Step 21-Click on Display Change

Step 22-Click on Change

Step 23-Click on Transport route editor

Step 24-Click on Hierarchical list editor and press enter

Step 25-you will find below screen

Step 26-Click on Display Change

Step 27-Click on Change

Step 28-Droll down Transport Layer by clicking on + mark

Step 29-Click on right click on transport layers and select create option

Step 30-enter transport layer name and description,  transport layer name should start with Z

Step 31- then right Click on transport route and select create option

Step 32-Select Consolidation and enter Development(SLD) & quality system (SLQ) and layer(ZABC) then click on green tick

Step 33-you can see both systems are added

Step 34-again right click on transport route and select create

Step 35-this time click on select delivery and enter quality (SLQ) and production (SLP) system and click on green tick

Step 36-you can see all 3 systems in transport route; now click on SAVE

Step 37-Give short description and enter

Step 38-Distribute & activate configuration

Step 39-your TMS is created & activate ENjoy transpoting NOW !!!



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  16. how to decide which sap system should be domain controller somebody said production or some said development..

    1. The most reliable one which is production System which has more power and playing around is forbidden !!

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