Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Few Important values to be monitored in ST02 & ST06/ST06N

In ST02,

1) Hit ratio for each buffer should be greater than 95%.
2) If hit ratio is less than 95%, no swap should be there.
3) Current usage of extended memory should not cross 75%.
4) We have to check the swaps for each buffer. For program buffers it should be 10000 hits/ day & for other buffers it should be 1000 hits/ day.
5) We have to check the free space & the free directory for each buffer.

In ST06/ST06N,

1) Ideally CPU should be free for 60% of the time.
2) Page out/s should be 0.
3) Under LAN, we have to check for collisions & errors. They should be 0.
4) We have to check for the SAPOSCOL status.


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